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So here I am. In my favourite chair. Mac on my knee. Writing…. I vividly remember writing my first ever blog post back in May 2010, and eight books later, I am still so happy writing. Nowadays I get to write ceremonies for some of the most important days in people’s lives – weddings, commitments, vow renewals and baby namings. I put my heart into my words, and in every word of my ceremonies, I put love, kindness and honesty – add to that the love of a couple or a family and it’s easy to create the perfect ceremony.

I am a Humanist Celebrant. I bring love, truth and light. I bring peace, unity and tradition. I have no rules about what you can and can’t have at your wedding. I have no power, only honour and privilege. I stand with you as you make your promises – it is your day.

Now, I have to say that you can have the ceremony of your wildest dreams, but I do encourage you to be aware of Health and Safety regulations (gosh, the boring stuff always finds a way in!!). And speaking of boring stuff – I can officiate your wedding, but if you want to be married in the eyes of the law, you will have to do the dash to the registry office with two witnesses before (or after) the amazing, beautiful, unique wedding you have planned.

Before I go, may I remind you that your big day is about you and nobody else – so do it your way, whatever that may be.

Back soon

Fiona xx

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