You can use anything from lace to rope for a hand fasting – just make it personal to you!

You can choose as many or as few elements as you would like for your wedding or Naming Ceremony. For weddings, three or four elements would be the average amount to include, while Naming Ceremonies usually have two or three. The decision to include elements is entirely up to you. However, they are a nice was to include family and friends, and most elements are hugely symbolic and a beautiful way to express your love on the day.

For weddings, some of the most popular elements are hand-fasting, unity candles and unity sands. You can have a ring-warming or a fingerprint tree if you would like to include every guest. Maybe a gin ceremony or a memory box is something you would like? A memory box ceremony is particularly lovely for a Naming Ceremony while a unity candle ceremony or tree planting also work extremely well.

There are so many elements to choose from and, of course, I can create a bespoke element just for you. All elements are symbolic – they can represent the coming together of two people, the love they share, the memories they will make and the love and support they receive from all those present at the Ceremony. Each element has it’s own symbolism. Which element you choose is entirely up to you as different elements have different meanings for everyone. There’s no right or wrong here – just go with your heart…